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There's a lot of talk about women's rights these days, how we aren't in the forefront enough, not enough leaders, not treated fairly...

But what can really be done about all of that? 

I believe it starts from inside of every single one of us. We have to believe we are good enough. We have to believe we are equal. Not better than, not worse than, but EQUAL and EQUALLY UNIQUE. And, I mean, we have to know this from deep inside of us because it's simply true.

The problem is that we don't always believe it. It's easy to look around and feel inadequate. We could blame all sorts of historical and cultural messages that have lead us to these lies we tell ourselves. Or we can just make the shift now and choose to see the truth and we can do that by choosing the messages we hear. We are collectively calling for change but until we change as individuals, we can't make a change.

It's been a long journey to come to the belief that I'm good enough and allowing others to compliment me without feeling uncomfortable. Because of my need for others to validate me, I was afraid to step up and ask for I wanted, what I needed, and claim what was rightfully mine because I believed I had to wait for someone to give it to me. I was terrified of starting my business with my name on it and expressing who I am because I was embarrassed that what I had to say would be judged. But then I learned the practice of allowing myself to be the leader of my life and see the truth about myself and that I was the boss of who I was to become. No more excuses, no more shaming myself, no more telling myself mean lies that I was not pretty enough or nice enough or tall enough or tough enough or smart enough or focused enough. And the unexpected happened- my anger and frustration towards others and myself ceased. I was freed.

I want everyone to be freed of the lies we tell ourselves. We are good enough! And that means good enough to receive whatever makes us happy and flourish. It starts with loving ourselves and seeing our true beauty. It starts when we face forward.


Emily Parker