Utah Model Meetup


Welcome to Utah Model Meetup where we welcome models of all levels of experience, all shapes, sizes and ages into our network. Our specialty is to guide and create a portrait of each model to showcase their true beauty and potential. Unlike many agencies that create their showcase with varying qualities of photography, we make sure every model is featured with a professional portrait to show their very best. Many creative photographers are looking for interesting people and we are here to show that anyone who has a sincere desire and is willing to put themselves out there can be a model, no matter what!


Utah Model Meetup is a place where models of all levels of experience, all shapes, sizes and ages in Utah can meet, collaborate and grow together with other creatives. Join our monthly membership to participate in styled professional shoots and get featured in our Utah Models for Hire Showcase.

Membership includes:

-Participation in monthly creative photoshoots designed exclusively for members when they RSVP through Utah Model Meetup.

-Your photograph featured in our Utah Models for Hire Showcase accessed by other professional creatives.

-$250 voucher towards a Makeover & Creative Photoshoot with Em Parker Portrait.

-Access to our network of other local creatives for collaborating projects.



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CREATIVE PHOTOSHOOTS 2019 (event announcements and details will be posted at least 2 weeks before the event date at Utah Model Meetup)

Feb: Just You Shoot Night!- a professional shot to showcase every model as they are.

Feb: Frosted Wonderland- Snowy Outdoor Setting.

Mar: 1950’s Wedding- bridal/formal.

April: Aquatic Salt Flats- melted snow covers the flats for a magical setting.

April: Body Paint- flesh+paint=fun!

May: Smoke Bombs- colorful smoke outdoors.

June: Desert dwellers- funky desert costumes.

July: Beach Party- swimwear + beach.

Aug: Urban Nights- nightscapes + people.

Sept: Ancient Greece Maxfield Parrish style.

Oct: Autumn Fairies- leaves and creative garb.

Nov: The Great Gatsby- 1920’s celebration.


Where will the shoots take place? Some shoots will be indoors and some outdoors. Specifications will be made in the shoot announcement. Most shoots will be within 15 miles of the Salt Lake Valley but one or two might be further as far as 200 miles from Salt Lake.

What should I wear to a shoot? Each shoot will have different requirements for wardrobe and will be specified in the shoot announcement. Some items of clothing may need to be provided by the model but will be as simple and affordable as possible. Some wardrobe items will be provided for some shoots.

How should I wear my hair and makeup for a shoot? Each shoot will have different requirements for makeup and hairstyling and will be specified in the shoot announcement. Professional styling guidance will be available for most shoots. Always bring your makeup to your shoot for guidance and touch up.

Can I participate as a stylist or photographer? Yes, just RSVP and answer any questions about your skill.

 Can I cancel my membership? Yes, anytime. Just follow the instructions through the Meetup to cancel and you will be removed from the group and no longer receive invitations and group benefits.